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New! Photos from Course 4 are available here, courtesy of Irma Schogt.
Photos from Course 1, "Cycles and Patterns in Financial Markets," are available here. Or you can watch a video of the photos.
You can also read several reviews of Course 1 written by attendees.
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies: Reading the Ephemeris
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing
Years in the making, now available on DVD! The MMTA pre-training workshop "Reading the Ephemeris" was conducted by Raymond Merriman on Septebmer 15-16, 2012.
The entire two-day workshop was professionally filmed and edited into an 8-DVD set with case -- a must-have for any market trader, analyst, or student. The course workbook is also included.

MMTA Course Descriptions

The following course descriptions provide an overview of content and supporting materials associated with each course. For additional information on admission, schedules and tuition, see the MMTA Fact Sheet.

To enroll in the online Merriman Market Timing Academy, scroll down this page and choose your course(s) of study. Each course may be taken individually, or you can sign up for a package. The total cost for all seven courses is $20,000. You may sign up for Courses 1-4 and/or Courses 5-7 at $10,000 each. Or, you can take each course one at a time, and pay as you go, at the per course rate listed.

Note: To purchase the courses, you will be taken to the Merriman Market Analyst website.

MMTA Pre-Academy Training: Reading the Ephemeris

This DVD set of eight discs covers all the topics necessary to pass the entrance exam, which is required for admission to the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) if one wishes to receive a certificate of completion for these courses. Students not familiar with astrological analysis will find this information essential to their understanding of material to be introduced in Course 1 and utilized in all other MMTA Courses. The DVDs include presentations on: 1) how to read an ephemeris; 2) how to calculate aspects and planetary ingresses; 3) how to determine a critical reversal date; 4) the natural lunar rhythm for stocks and precious metals; 5) how to identify solar-lunar combinations, and much more.

Cost of this course: $395.00
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MMTA Course 1: Cycles and Patterns in Financial Markets

This course begins with the terminology used in cycle studies – a principal market timing tool of the MMA methodology. Instruction covers the various types of chart patterns and "phases" that are present in all market cycles. Various technical studies are used to confirm the completion of the crests and troughs of these long-term, intermediate-term, and short-term cycles. Students will be introduced to cycles of several financial markets, such as stock indices, precious metals, currencies, treasuries, grains, and crude oil, for both investment and trading purposes. Students are trained in the different periodicities of each market, and how to find the appropriate cycles for each market.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $3,000.00
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MMTA Course 2: Geocosmic Correlations to Long-Term Market Cycles

The second course builds on the first with a review of long-term cycles in various financial markets and their phases. Within that framework, the correlation of these cycles and phases with long-term planetary aspect signatures is discussed at length, with an approach towards long-term investing. Special emphasis is given to those time bands containing aspects between Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as well as their sign placements correlating with long-term cycle crests and troughs. The Moon’s North Node is also covered, particularly in relation to long-term economic and stock market cycles. Students are instructed in the percentage of price reversals that typically occur after the completion of these cycles. Within long-term cycles (those over 4-year durations) students also learn to identify the time bands of intermediate cycles (those that last over 40 weeks). Special emphasis is given to stock indices and precious metals for investors.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $2,750.00
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MMTA Course 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Primary and Trading Cycles in Financial Markets

This course reviews "trading cycles" in various financial markets. Specifically it focuses on the primary cycle and its phases, and the planetary signatures that correlate with each for market timing and position trading purposes. Students are instructed on how to calculate and use a critical reversal date to identify short-term time bands that have a high probability of correlating with a reversal in any market. This course will outline the basis for Level 1, 2 and 3 planetary signatures - how they are determined and used in the MMTA methodology as powerful market timing tools.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $2,750.00
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MMTA Course 4: Solar-Lunar Correlations to Short-Term Reversals in Financial Markets

This course instructs the student on various solar-lunar combinations that have high correlations to 4% or greater reversals for 1-4 days in stock indices and the silver market. Students learn how to identify a proper setup for applying a buy or sell point when these solar-lunar cycles indicate a reversal is likely to occur. Instruction will also be given on identifying high probability turn times within the trading day based on planetary movements over the horizon and meridian of the city in which the exchange for a particular market is being traded on.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $2,750.00
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MMTA Course 5: Trading Plans – Integrating Market Timing Signals With Price

Courses from the first year of study were designed to assist the student with mastering the concepts of market timing studies (leading indicators or triggers), with special emphasis on cycles and geocosmics, including solar-lunar correlations to market reversals. In this first course of the second year, we add the idea of "price" to our understanding of "time." This course introduces students to price objective theories, support and resistance calculations, chart patterns and other technical studies. Students are instructed in combining these coincident and confirming indicators with their market timing studies to better identify potential reversal zones and maximize trading opportunities in both short and long-term market cycles.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $3,600.00
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MMTA Course 6: Advanced Support-Resistance Calculations for Trading

This course moves the student into an understanding of the different strategies required for shorter-term aggressive trading, including counter-trend trading setups. Building on the knowledge gained from the analysis of longer-term market cycles and phases, the student now focuses on market moves lasting less than three weeks and as little as one to four days. Special emphasis is given to techniques for calculating daily/weekly support and resistance zones, determining trend analysis, and understanding charting parameters for neutral, bullish and bearish market patterns. Students are instructed in the integration of these methodologies to begin to develop market analysis and report writing skills.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $3,900.00
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MMTA Course 7: Strategies – Putting It All Together

This course integrates studies from all previous courses and prepares the student to develop market analysis reports and create trading plans for personal use as investors and traders. Students are instructed in the methodology of combining market timing factors, trend analysis, chart structures, price objective theories and technical studies. Emphasis is given to developing a professional reporting style suitable to the needs of potential clients including investors, position traders and aggressive short-term traders.

Cost of this course for Open Entry/Open Exit students: $3,600.00
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Cost of all 7 courses plus pre-training course: $20,000.00.
Cost of courses 1-4 only: $10,000.00
Cost of courses 5-7 only: $10,000.00 (Courses 5-7 are 25% longer than courses 1-4)

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If you need any additional information, please contact MMTA by email at or telephone 1-248-626-3034.

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