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New! Photos from Course 4 are available here, courtesy of Irma Schogt.
Photos from Course 1, "Cycles and Patterns in Financial Markets," are available here. Or you can watch a video of the photos.
You can also read several reviews of Course 1 written by attendees.
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies: Reading the Ephemeris
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing
Years in the making, now available on DVD! The MMTA pre-training workshop "Reading the Ephemeris" was conducted by Raymond Merriman on Septebmer 15-16, 2012.
The entire two-day workshop was professionally filmed and edited into an 8-DVD set with case -- a must-have for any market trader, analyst, or student. The course workbook is also included.

MMTA Fact Sheet

Please note (Sept. 2014): Live classes are now completed. Therefore, the "Apprentice" and "Online" student categories are no longer available. The "Open Entry/Open Exit" option, for viewing the courses as streaming online video, is currently the only option offered. For complete information on the courses and pricing for this option, please click here.

1. Purpose: To train students in the methodology of market timing and market analysis as developed by Raymond A. Merriman, President of the Merriman Market Analyst, Inc., since 1981. [ More information... ]

2. Structure: This 2-year course is being designed as something akin to post-graduate level college studies. It will consist of 8 courses. Each of these courses will be composed of six 90-minute subjects pertaining to the title of that course. Altogether, the 8 courses of six classes each will total 48 classes lasting 90 minutes each, spread out over two years. These eight courses will be given on 8 different weekends (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). The schedule for 2013 will be as follows:

April 6-8, 2013
June 15-17, 2013
August 10-12, 2013
October 12-14, 2013

The 2014 schedule will be determined in mid-2013. Each course will be followed by an exam that must be passed before continuing onto the next course. At the end of the two years (eight courses), a final exam will be given, and those who pass will be issued a certificate of completion. A "semi-final" exam will be given at the end of the first year, prior to starting the second year of classes. [ More information... ]

3. Tuition: This two-year academy training will cost $20,000 ($10,000 per year). A $35.00 application fee is required. If accepted, that fee will be deducted from the course fee. Upon acceptance, a $2,000.00 deposit will be required within 10 calendar days. The remainder is due by February 5, 2013. This applies to apprentice and online students. There will be an "Open Entry/Open Exit" option available approximately 30 days after the completion of the first course. The cost for students of the "Open Entry/Open Exit" option is $2,750.00 per course (courses 2 through 8), and $3,000 for the first course. Upon completion of the first course(s), you may opt to enter the webinar student program at $2,500/course if time permits.

4. Other costs: Student shall be responsible for purchase of books to be used in each course. If they are MMA Books (and most will be), the student shall receive a discount on those books. In many cases, students may already have the books necessary for each course. There will be travel costs involved in those cases of "Apprentices," or those who wish to be on site for the live presentation

5. Types of students and learning: There are three types of candidates for the MMTA training: 1) Apprenticeship program, which involves being on site for each of the 8 weekend courses, and hence will involve travel costs, 2) Online Students, which involves viewing each class via a live broadcast to your computer at the time of the courses, and does not involve travel costs, but also does not involve direct interaction with Merriman and MMTA staff during breaks and dinner. A certificate of completion is issued after passing final exams in both of these first two categories. And 3) Open Entry/Open Exit courses are a self-paced alternative designed for students who can master course material without traditional classroom instruction. These flexible courses are designed to allow students greater control over their learning schedules, where one can take each class, each course, online according to their own schedule, which involves no travel costs. The course will be available online 30 days after the course is presented to apprentice and online students. Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE) students will have to download the courses of choice at least 30 days after the presentation of each course, and they will not be tested on the material and no certificate/diploma for completion will be issued, unless they choose to take (and pass) the tests of each course plus the final exam.

6. Pre-Training Workshop: 6. There will be one introductory, pre-training workshop on "How to Read an Ephemeris," for non-astrologers. It will be like a "Beginning Astrology" class for traders and non-astrologers. You may wish to take this workshop before deciding whether or not to take the entire course. It will be necessary to pass a test on this beginning course material before being accepted into the full 8-course MMTA training program. The cost for this pre-training course is $395 ($300 if you are a subscriber to any MMA report), which will be deducted from the first year’s tuition cost to those who enroll into MMTA. A DVD of this Introductory Course with workbooks and quizzes is now available through MMA or MMTA. It is also possible to take an "equivalency exam" and thereby be exempted from this course. There is a $50.00 fee for the equivalency exam, which will be deducted from the cost of tuition for the entire MMTA program.

7. Admission: Applications for the live "Introductory Workshop" and for admission into the "Apprentice" group of MMTA are due by September 1, 2012. There is a $35.00 application fee, which will also be deducted from the tuition once one’s application is accepted. All applicants for MMTA will be required to take an entrance exam to demonstrate their ability to read an ephemeris before starting the MMTA, either via the DVD of the Introductory Course that was given September 15-16, 2012, or via an "equivalency exam" exemption. Admission into the "Apprenticeship" category is available only to those who have been, or currently are, subscribers to any of the MMA subscription reports prior to the start of the Academy on April 6, 2013.

8. Location: The onsite location for all of the classes, as well as the introductory course on "How to Read an Ephemeris," will be at the Management Educational Center (MEC), the technology arm for Michigan State University in Troy, Michigan. This is about 35 miles northeast of Detroit Metro Airport.

9. Who Will Benefit from this program? Anyone who wishes to enhance their skills at market timing and market analysis. This will be a professional training for anyone already in the field, as well as for anyone who wishes to enter the field of Financial Markets Analysis. For example, it would be beneficial for someone who wishes to start his/her own financial markets’ consulting or analysis firm. It would be of value to someone who is already a trader or investor and wishes to learn market timing factors for that "extra edge." It would be great for someone who is young (like a daughter or son) who has a good education and who wants to get into the field of finance but can not get a job these days, or is bored with their current job in finance. There will be scholarships available to those who are in the same family (parent-child-spouse). There are probably many other opportunities that cannot be foreseen just yet, but once the Academy and its reputation are established, the sky is the limit to those who complete this program.

10. Requirements: Everyone must be able to at least read an ephemeris in order to be accepted into the MMTA training program. You may learn these skills by taking the pre-training introductory workshop (available on DVD) on "How to Read an Ephemeris", and then passing the exam. The requirements for the apprenticeship class include other factors too. If entering the apprentice level, you must commit to be present on site for all eight courses (pre-training course is optional). There may be some exceptions allowed to this policy for those living overseas. Apprentice candidates must also submit to a personal interview, in which certain character traits will be sought: competence, timeliness in assignments and tasks, harmony working with others, integrity and honor (especially involving money matters), and passion for this work.

If you have additional questions, you may contact MMA at:

Phone: 1-248-626-3034
Postal: MMA, P.O. Box 250012, West Bloomfield, MI 48325

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