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New! Photos from Course 4 are available here, courtesy of Irma Schogt.
Photos from Course 1, "Cycles and Patterns in Financial Markets," are available here. Or you can watch a video of the photos.
You can also read several reviews of Course 1 written by attendees.
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies: Reading the Ephemeris
DVD: Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing
Years in the making, now available on DVD! The MMTA pre-training workshop "Reading the Ephemeris" was conducted by Raymond Merriman on Septebmer 15-16, 2012.
The entire two-day workshop was professionally filmed and edited into an 8-DVD set with case -- a must-have for any market trader, analyst, or student. The course workbook is also included.

Guiding Principles and Values of MMTA

MMTA is constructed on the principles of competency, integrity and honesty, along with a passion for helping others understand the value of market timing as a tool in creating either a trading or investment plan.

In today's financial world, the idea of "market timing" is afforded very little consideration. Most in the financial community have come to accept as conventional wisdom the idea that market timing is impossible, and the pursuit of it is a foolhardy endeavor. That assumption is not based upon fact or understanding of methods designed to accomplish this task. It is not based upon research studies that have been published that demonstrate the validity of market timing of a valuable forecasting tool. It would be an understatement to claim that MMA has successfully forecasted hundreds (if not thousands) of significant market highs and lows, within very narrow time bands and price target zones, over the past 30+ years, via its daily, weekly, and monthly market letters. It is not a coincidence or a matter of luck, but rather the result of diligently constructed research studies that has resulted in such accurate forecasting of market turns in a variety of financial markets. These studies clearly identify specific periods of time -- well ahead of time -- in which various financial market reversals have a very high rate of frequency of occurrence, especially when combined with certain chart patterns and technical studies.

Therefore the first guiding principle of MMTA is to create a level of competency with students in the application of market timing factors. In this regard, all students who receive a certificate of completion of courses from MMTA will be required to pass several tests demonstrating their understanding of these principles and methods. They must know the rules of identifying a high-probability time band for market reversals using the studies of cycles, geocosmics, and certain technical analysis. And then they must be able to apply these rules to actual market conditions. They are tested on both the rules and the actual application of these rules in real markets. In this way, students develop and then demonstrate a level of competency in the MMTA market timing methodology.

The second guiding principle adhered to in the MMTA training is that of integrity and honesty. Your reputation, and that of those you represent, is greatly influenced by your integrity and honesty. So in the MMTA training course, every effort is made to instill in students the importance of communicating with honesty and sincerity, and being both transparent and ethical in all financial matters. MMTA strongly encourages its students to exhibit qualities of truthfulness and accuracy, to never mislead others at any time or for any reason, and the importance of establishing a solid reputation for ethical behavior. Those who are found to intentionally violate these principles will be dismissed from the program.

Third, MMTA students are chosen on the basis of their passion for learning market timing. Learning is more enjoyable and more likely to lead to success, when one has a passion for the subject they are learning. Additionally, it is a core belief of MMTA that one has a greater sense of personal reward when able to truly help others on their path in life, and the financial realm is one area where many people seek assistance. MMTA students are selected and then trained to transform this passion for market timing into helping others make decisions with regards to their trading and investment plans, based upon the methods taught in this course.

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